Hello - thanks for checking us out. We are located near Cook, just about a mile north of town towards Lake Vermilion. We have 160 units at our facility for clean, easy storage for your valuable items. We are open and available all year around. Even during the winter we immediately plow access to all the storage units.
If you would like to check them out, please give us a call and we will set up an appointment.

Is this the boat you dream about all wintert long. A boat to go fishing, a shore lunch or restaurant, pulling the kids on skis or a tube?
You paid good money for that boat. DON'T let it sit in the weather all winter! Then there is the grill and deck furniture, the lawn mower, fishing gear and water toys. Throw them all in the boat and store them in one of Bubba's dry storage units! And I'm sure there are other things that would winter over much better than being stuffed in a shed or in the cabin itself.

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Bubba's Mini Storage
Lauren & Sheri Sawatzky 2750 W. Wakemup Village Road Cook, MN 55723

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